100 Word Story Chain Challenge

Get involved in Creative Age Challenge 2018 by taking part in our digital story chain challenge and seeing where creativity can take us. Our story has been started by people living with dementia taking part in our Creative Age sessions with writer David Napthine at Arts Centre Washington.

Look at the six images and the last entry below and create the next stage of the story. You could consider who the characters are, where are they, why are they there, what are they about to do and what will happen next?

100 Word Story Chain Challenge is open to everyone. Whether you are 4 or 94 years old you can join in and have fun imagining the next chapter in the growing tale.

All entries are subject to approval and will be edited into a final piece of text once the chain ends on June 30.

then the man in the garden sat still and remembered when he was twenty one years old then he sipped his milk and water and vanished into thin air.

Kenneth Mood

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